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    Enterprise Technology Center

    Post-doctoral Scientific Research

    Provincial Academician Workstation

    ● Qualification

    Grade A Qualification of Steel Structure Engineering Contracting
    Grade A Qualification of Steel Structure Manufacture
    Grade A Qualification for Design
    Premium Qualification of Steel Structure Construction and Design
    Overseas Contracting Project Management Qualification ?
    CMA Qualification.
    Second Grade Qualification of Building Curtain Wall Engineering Design and Construction
    Premium Qualification of Curtain Wall Construction and Design
    American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certification
    Premium Qualification China Metal Siding Systems Contractor

    ● Honor

    China Top 500 Private Enterprises
    China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises
    China Top 500 Construction Enterprises
    National Excellent Construction Enterprises
    National Excellent Engineering Construction Quality Management Enterprise
    China Construction Science and Technology Self-innovation Superior Enterprise
    NO. 74 competitive edge of the brand Among the Chinese industrial enterprises
    SAIC " Credible " enterprise
    Leading Backbone Enterprises in Zhejiang Industry Area
    Zhejiang Province progressive new-type construction industrialization model
    the first batch of Chinese construction megacorporation in Zhejiang Province
    Zhejiang Civilization Unit
    Hangzhou Government Quality Award
    Zhejiang Cultivation Experiment Enterprise
    Technology innovation capability Fortune hundred enterprise in Zhejiang Province

    ● Project Awards


    Luban Awards

    National Aquatics Center ( Water Cube )
    Jinan Olympic Sports Center swimming pool
    Beijing Industrial University Gymnasium
    Beijing Capital Airport NO.3 Terminal
    Guangzhou New TV Tower
    Weihai international commodity trading center
    Tianjin Museum
    Xi'an Aircraft Industry ( Group ) Co., Ltd. No. 369 General Assembly Plant
    Sichuan Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Combined Plant
    Tianjin Coastal International Airport the Second Phase Terminal two
    Hangzhou East Railway Station station expansion project station building
    Dalian International Conference Center
    Ningxia Helan Mountain Stadium



    Golden Medal of National Steel Structure Award

    Guangzhou New TV Tower Steel Structure Project
    Aerial Huaxi Village
    Wuhan Poly Cultural Plaza Steel Structure Project
    Nanchang International Sports Center Stadium
    Ningxia Helan Mountain Stadium
    Weifang Olympic Sports Center Gym Steel Structure Project
    Chengdu Shuangliu Sports Center Steel Structure Project
    Guangzhou Nansha Gymnasium Steel Structure Project
    Qingdao Yizhong Stadium Steel Structure Project
    University of Electronic Science and Technology Gymnasium Steel Structure Project
    Sports Center project of Shanghai Maritime University new school district lingang district ?
    Jinan Olympic Sports Center swimming pool
    Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway station Shanghai Hongqiao New Steel Structure Project
    Ningxia International convention and Exhibition Center
    Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center steel structure Project
    Urumqi international airport terminal reconstruction and expansion project the first contract
    The Mayi Island Shipbuilding Project Complex Plant



    Golden Medal of Shanghai Steel Structure Award

    Shanghai Sheshan Forest Theatre
    Sports Center of Shanghai Maritime University New school District Lingang District
    Shanghai Songjiang University Town Resource Sharing Area Natatorium and Gymnasium
    Shanghai Lifting Transportation Machinery Plant Nuclear Whole-set Lifting Transport Equipment Technology Upgrading Projects Combined Plant
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport West District Public Cargo Freight Station Reconstruction and Expansion Project
    Shanghai Sekely Automobile Mould Technology Co., Ltd Phase II Plant
    Shanghai Electric Lingang Heavy Equipment Base Combined Plant
    Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center



    Science and Technology Progress Award

    Key Technology Research of polyhedron space frame structures production
    The 2008 Olympic badminton gymnasium new string dome Steel structure project
    Application and research of the new seismic mitigation and isolation technology in Guangdong Science Center
    Research and Application of fiber-optical health monitoring Guangdong Science Center
    Research and application of Pre-stressed spatial pipe in the chords under large span
    Large-span cylindrical reticulated shell two-way rail construction technology
    Large irregular single-layer reticulated shell system integrated design and construction technology
    Research and Application of the new-type hollow ball bolted joint
    The key technology and engineering application research of Combination fastener and load-bearing holder design
    Span of 108 meter reticulated shell structure project and new construction technology research of large span dry coal shed structure "fold expansion" ……




    Zhan Tianyou Award

    National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
    Guangdong Science Center
    Henan Art Center
    China National Film Museum
    Henan Nanyang Yahekou Power Plant Coal Storage Project



    National High-quality Project Prize

    Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
    Yunnan Qujing Hall
    Tianjin Underground Railroad Line 1 Project
    Yantai University Multifunction Stadium
    Sports Center of Shanghai Maritime University New School District Lingang District
    Weifang Olympic Sports Center Stadium
    Buddha Relics Tower of Famen Temple
    Hangzhou Grand Theatre
    Guiyang Cigarette Factory Technological Transformation Projects Complex Factory Project



    Spatial Structure Award

    National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
    Jinan Olympic Sports Center swimming pool
    Shanghai Maritime University Lingang Campus Sports Center
    Yantai University Multifunction Stadium
    Nanjing Jiangning Sports Center Stadium
    8th?Yunnan Zhaotong National Games Stadium
    Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium
    Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 T3A Main Building
    Qingdao Liuting Airport International Terminal
    Taizhou International Convention Center
    Hangzhou Grand Theatre
    Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd Factory
    Huaneng Beijing Thermal Power Co., Ltd Dry Coal Shed
    Main Stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sport Expo Center
    The testing Hall of Poyang Lake Model Test Research Base
    The Phase II Expansion Project of Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport
    Tianjin Binhai International Airport Phase II Expansion Project Terminal II



    Provincial Steel Structure Golden Award

    Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 T3A Main Building
    Tianjin Binhai Airport Expansion Project
    Aerial Huaxi Village
    Tonglu Fuchunjiang Lijun Hotel
    Hangzhou Wanyin International Building
    Nanchang International Sports Center Stadium
    Chengdu Shuangliu Sports Center
    Guangzhou Nansha Gymnasium
    Weifang Olympic Sports Center Stadium
    Jinan Olympic Sports Center Natatorium
    Zhejiang Lishui Stadium Center Main Stadium
    Shanghai Yuanshen Stadium Natatorium
    China Civil Aviation Museum
    Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center
    Wuxi Museum Revolution Museum Science Museum There Buildings Combined Construction Project
    Zhoushan Mayi Island Shipbuilding Project Complex Plant ……