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    Dong Shilin Academician and Innovation Team

    Committee member of Civil Engineering Society of China, senior member of Space Structure Committee, the counselor of Zhejiang Provincial People 's Government ;
    Depending on the team of spatial structure research center from Zhejiang University :10 doctor ( 7 professors ) , including Luo Yaozhi ,Zhao yang and so on;
    Large-span space steel structure system development , the research of technological construction ,and etc.

    Ma Kejian academician and his Innovation Team

    Member of the China Civil Engineering Society space structure Committee, the senior member of the committee, the first national survey and design master core and the first honorary expert.
    Relying on Guizhou University Space Structures Research Center, a total of 11 people (8 professors): 2 postdoctoral, 7 doctor, 2 Bachelor , including Xiao Jianchun, Zhang Huagang and etc.
    Fabricated steel structure residence and so on.