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    Zhejiang Southeast space frame Academy

      In June 2012, with the strong support of the provincial Science and Technology Department, the Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Co., ltd undertook and started an innovative work the "Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Academy" project. After two years of construction, it's considered acceptable by the Provincial Science and Technology Department in November 2014.

    During Construction, Institute mainly conquered technology:
      1. Polyhedron space frame structures construction technology
    2. Tension Structures Construction Technology
    3. Deployable Integral Lifting Technology
    4. Rotation and open-close structure construction technology
    5. Space bending/twisting and Forming Technology
    6. The complex geometry super high-rise/high-rise structures construction technology
    7. Desulfurizing gypsum steel housing Complete Technology
    8. The computer re-modeling technology
    9. BIPV metal roofing system
    10 . New bolt ball node system
    Institute Mainly research the Key Technology:
     1. Steel Structure desulfurizing gypsum wall building energy-saving residential development and industrialization
    2. High-rise and large span structures characteristic sensing and security Internet of Things monitoring technology
    3. A new chord lattice Shell Construction Key Technology
    4. Large- span steel structure system development
    5. Research the seismic performance of the steel frame steel reinforced concrete shear wall new-type hybrid structure
    6. Research of the small and medium Span Steel structure Bridge Design and Optimization
    7. Space bending/twisting then forming technology

    Zhejiang Fabricated Steel structure construction Engineering Technology Research Center

      In July 2014, with the strong support of the provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd cooperate with Construction Institute of Zhejiang University to build a prefabricated steel structure construction engineering technology research center.
      This Center,according to shortcomings of the existing steel structure residential construction, by technical innovation and technical improvements, design and develop of new-type fabricated steel structure residence series technology, in order to overcome the disadvantage of the steel structure residence construction in the structural system, construction methods, building performance, project cost and other aspects, in order to promote the further development of steel structure residential buildings, to promote the steel structure residential construction further development. The project mainly research and develop in the following aspects, to determine the basis direction of research and development in Zhejiang enterprises institute platform, namely: prefabricated steel structure construction direction , the main contents are as follows:
     1. Research and development direction of innovative structural system
    2. Research and development direction of the three board system key technology
    3. Research and development direction of the matching equipment integration technology
    4. R&D direction of standardized prefabricated steel structure construction
    Qualitative objective of the Center:
      Mainly proceed the development and the research of new-type fabricated structure system, three board system key technology, the fabricated steel structure residential construction key technology and the matching equipment integration technology; Eventually merged the integrated prefabricated steel structure, prefabricated floor, prefabricated wallboard, integral kitchen and bath technology into a new set of industrializing green construction mode, realize the highly industrialize production of the residential building, fabricated construction.