•   Southeast space frame Co., Ltd takes "Green Construction Leader” as enterprise mission, after more than 30 years continuous innovation and development, Southeast always adhere to the "ethics and pursuit of the supreme good’’ core value. With strong technical strength, the spirit of striving for perfection and globally original technology, Southeast has repeatedly led and pushed forward the application of steel structure of China in the field of large- span space structure, high-rise building, military field and steel structure residential construction and etc. With insatiable spirit, Southeast space frame Co., Ltd has always been committed to promoting steel structure industrial technical innovation and sci-tech progress.

      The company has successfully implemented the world's first space polyhedral lattice structures - Water Cube (National Aquatics Center), the global largest monomer Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal T3, 610 -meter-high Guangzhou New TV Tower, the World Expo China Pavilion, Asia's largest stadium Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium which can hold up to 80,011 seats, Asia's largest railway station Hangzhou East Railway Station, the Guangzhou International Convention Exhibition Center whose Monomer area is up to 700,000 square meters, the 328 -meter-high steel structure residential building Aerial Huaxi Village, the National Astronomical Observation Of China which has the global largest diameter (500 meters) radio FAST astronomical telescope project and so on. These world-famous landmark buildings have repeatedly won the industry highest honor Lu Ban award (14times), Zhan TianYou Award (5times), National Super Quality Award (13times), and also the golden medal of Construction Steel Structure of China Award, the Spatial Structure Outstanding Engineering Award and other more than 100 awards.

      Making Steel structure widely applied in enormous residential areas is the successful experience of the developed countries. And it is also the only way for China to become architectural industrialization. Since the State Council released Document No. 72 in 1999, the steel structure residential industry began to develop and go forward in China. And in 2001 the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued "The Steel Structure Residential Construction Industrialization Technical Guidelines". But after more than ten years development, steel structure residence is still slowly growth, the reason is that the traditional steel structures system can hardly meet the needs of residential buildings.

      There is no doubt that the steel structures residence is not equal to residence steel structure, and of course it's more different from the traditional steel structure public buildings.
    At first,steel structure residence must meet all the specifications and requirements of residential buildings, but also to meet the requirements of residential comfort and good tenants living experience. What’s more, it has to make a perfect solution to residential households personalized needs. After intensive research, Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd found that what traditional steel housing habitual using "steel frame - support system" and "steel frame - core tube systems" are facing "Exposed beams, column grid irregular and difficult to meet the requirements of the complex plane, and amount of steel is too large" three major disadvantage, it is also the reason why the traditional steel residential buildings is widely criticized. After years of continuous exploration and research, Southeast combined with many scientific research institutes to solve the difficult problems and finally succeeded in putting the application advantage of the concrete shear wall into the fabricated steel structure residential buildings skillfully,and put forward an ingenious solution——“Combination box type steel plate shear wall system” and solved the problem successfully. We also optimized and improved the Third Board System such as floor, inside and outside wallboard and so on, then formed a unique operation mode with Southeast characteristics and a whole package of solutions for steel structure green construction industrialization.

      In 2013 the State Council issued a document No.1 "Green Construction Action Plan". It clearly required to vigorously promote the development of fabricated steel structure residence industrialization, and create the conditions for steel structure housing industry development. Subsequently, the National Development and Reform Commission put the green low-carbon, energy-efficient steel residence into the category of strategic new industries and low-carbon innovation for the first time to provide strategic positions and substantial support for steel structure residence industry from the national level. Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd was honored to become the only one that can gain the recognition "fabricated steel structure residence low-carbon technology innovation and industrial demonstrative base" from the State Development and Reform Commission and get 24 million yuan national special project funds. It’s an encouragement and acknowledgement of the efforts that Southeast Space Frame Co.,Ltd have made in the past, and also convey the sincere hope and entrust for the company to help steel structure residence industry develops sustained and healthily in our country.

      Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd will succeed in carrying out of the assignment and strictly in accordance with the high-star level green construction standards, we are committed to provide customers with steel structure green construction consulting, design, manufacturing, integration, construction general contracting and construction management integrated package of solutions and integration services. Depends on NDRC steel structure residence industrialization demonstration base of high-end platform advantage, after years of development, Southeast effectively gathered, integrated and optimized the technology resources and achievement of the dozens of industry-leading companies' effective aggregation, integration and optimization from institutes, general contracting enterprises, supporting enterprises to establish a green construction steel structure upstream and downstream industry alliance.

      Southeast will continue to working with an open and a win-win cooperative attitude and will devote ourselves to create an fully open technology and project cooperation platform, positively face the public and provide the free technical advice and technical support to the customers. Through technology cooperation and the project cooperation, the cooperation stakeholders can share the achievement and grow up together. Southeast is committed to assisting local governments to organize, integrate and optimize the existing industrial resources and create a steel structure green construction industry cluster according to local conditions. Southeast also provide a package of solutions for steel structure green construction and EPC general contracting management services; By establishing the technology and project cooperation platform with the scientific research institutions, design Institute, construction companies, and the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to achieve “industry-university-research collaboration” and “upstream and downstream linkage” to promote industrial technology advancement and remain healthy development together. "Preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure."

      After years of research and engineering practice, Southeast space frame steel structure Green Construction system has been widely used. In 2008 Southeast successfully implemented super luxury steel structure housing residences project--the 72-story, 328 -meter-high the world best village “Aerial Huaxi Village”. It also completed the Steel structure luxury residential project, the tallest residence (150 meters) in Shanghai Puxi Area. In 2011 , Southeast was approved to raised 630 million yuan steel structure residential development funds by the CSRC successfully; In 2012, We undertake the country largest affordable steel structure residential group (total 16 660600㎡,16 buildings) "Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City talent special space project's first phase tender II ” (5 buildings, total 190900㎡) following the country's largest affordable housing complex steel ( total 16,660,600 square meters, with thirty floors above the ground and two floors underground); In 2014, the company has built the first full-time boarding steel structure and earthquake-resistant school “Sichuan Mianyang Fule International School” in EPC general contracting in only 163 days. It has 99 class rooms, 13 monomers which can accommodate 4500people with the total construction area of 105,000㎡. In 2014, the company built the first over 100-meters high prefabricated steel structure hospital "Shanghai East Hospital" in China and summarized a valuable experience and laid a firmer foundation for steel structure widely applied in the hospital project. At the same time, the company actively respond to "One Belt and One Road" national strategy and promoted the engineering EPC general contracting strategy transformation. Southeast get a great success by actively implement the “General Contracting” and “Going-out” strategy. In 2014, Southeast successfully signed a $173 million Venezuela National Convention Center and Comprehensive Service Building projects in EPC general contracting mode. In July 2015, also in EPC mode, company signed $531 million dollar Panama National Comprehensive office and Residence projects and etc.

      outheast Space Frame Co., ltd who is Bearing the great entrust of history to “promote the development of construction industrialization, guide to change the construction mode",is trying its best to become a steel structure green construction integration services provider and unswervingly push forward to build an fully open technology and projects cooperation platform, Southeast will continually follow the high-star green construction standards strictly and will make the steel structure green construction integration system which is tailored to your interests. Southeast also provide a package of solutions for consulting, design, manufacturing and integration and the construction general contracting management. We are sincerely looking forward to working with you together and make contribution to constructing beautiful country.